"Painting is liquid thinking." James Elkins

"Painting is liquid thinking." James Elkins

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Abstract Narrative

Remnant Series 2009 o/c 14" x 11"

I enrolled in the IGNITE course at C4 Atlanta so I am starting to think about my role as an entrepreneur   and an artist. I love the studio and have buried myself there for the past several years. Now it's time to get out and find out what it is I do, why I do it and how it connects to the larger world. So here is what I have discovered so far:

What do you do or make?

I make abstract paintings that combine the allure of color with an edginess expressed through the tension between the painted mark and its environment. The paintings explore the relationships between presence and absence, figure and ground, interruption and continuance and are suggestive of an abstract narrative.

What is the purpose of your work?

I want my work to change peoples’ state of mind. 
I want  my work to be a signature brand.           

Where do you see yourself in the future?

My work will be seen in regional and national venues.
My paintings will become a brand.
Collectors will buy my work.
My work will be included in public art spaces.

What do you stand for?
I believe art can be both beautiful and edgy.
I believe art can change peoples’ state of mind.
My work is beautiful, edgy and can change peoples’ state of mind.
Art can be smart!
What value does your art offer?

My work proposes a new approach to painting by creating abstract narratives that address contemporary issues such as fragmentation and isolation,  With a highly skilled and intentional approach to painting technology, these works offer properties that are visually alluring yet challenge the viewer’s expectations of what constitutes painting.

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