"Painting is liquid thinking." James Elkins

"Painting is liquid thinking." James Elkins

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Size of the Frame Doesn't Matter

Homage to Derrida 2013

This is the end of receiving prompts to blog about, not that I have been very good about being focused on each prompt. But the experience has helped me reach something I was looking for, namely a focus to my own reasons for blogging. This seems to be the right place for speculating about things, for ruminating, for turning ideas over to find something new to think about. So, its been very successful from that standpoint. I goes the next thing is to expand my arena, find folks who might think alike or unalike about art, philosophy and the written word.

I plan to continue less daily blogging practice but just enough to annoy my followers sporadically.
More importantly it is a great way to get my thinking out of my head and into space, even if the boundaries are only me.

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