"Painting is liquid thinking." James Elkins

"Painting is liquid thinking." James Elkins

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Launch Time

  • What knowledge gaps do you have?

  • What classes are you dying to take? Creative, professional, technical, etc...

  • What resources do you feel are essential to the growth of your creative or entrepreneurial practice?

    Having been a teacher for 35 years, I am now a voracious learner. I love learning new stuff. I have a great deal of curiosity and that sometimes leads to too many diversions. There will always be gaps in my knowledge. But practically speaking I have no sense of turning a passion for making art into something more career oriented. I like making the stuff, thinking about it, and storing it. More than that: Meh

  • Having said that I am excited about taking the C4 Ignite program. I am not sure I am ready for the full blown "embrace your inner entrepreneur" state of mind but I am curious enough to put aside my resistance to give it a try. I am already doing things to get me on the highway to success, the blogathon, really snazzy business cards, and sending work off the juried exhibitions and award applications. I was nominated for the Anonymous Was A Woman last month. The application is due at the end of the month and that caused me to rethink my resume, exhibition record, etc. It goosed me into action. 

    One thing I need to learn is how to organize all of this, set priorities, know when to pay someone else to do something rather than keeping things on my "To DO" list and then never getting them done. An example is getting the best photos of my work to send to museums, etc.  AND having a plan with a check list for success. OK, now let's do it.

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